8 Super Popular Television Shows That Are Actually Sexist

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While I consider myself a fan of dramatic TV, I have to admit, a lot of my favorite shows tend to have very sexist plotlines. Even though it’s sometimes unintentional, and even if it’s easy to explain it away by saying it’s “just Hollywood” and not real, we need to confront the fact that so many popular television shows are sexist, and it’s problematic AF. You might want to ignore it or blow it off because it isn’t always super obvious, but it’s there. Sexism can come in many forms, whether it’s an “innocent” joke that perpetuates unfair gender stereotypes or minor female characters who do nothing to help the cause. And hey, it’s not even just about casting — a show that is predominately female isn’t necessarily feminist or forward thinking.

I’m not saying you have to stop watching these shows or start boycotting them, since I still love half of them, but I do think it’s important to be aware of their sexist scenes. For me, it can become a little too hard to watch a show that treats female characters as if they are only vessels to talk about dudes. It’s not fun to watch your favorite show and hear one of the main characters say something icky. Once you open your eyes to them, it might mess with your enjoyment, but honestly? Maybe you’re better off. Here are a few of your favorite TV shows that are actually kind of sexist, so you can be more aware of the struggles women still face every day:

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