12 Popular New Beauty Terms That Don’t Actually Mean Anything

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Since the beauty world has become more accessible thanks to Instagram stars, Pinterest hacks and YouTube tutorials, new beauty terms seem to pop up once every few weeks. Some of them are great — I, personally, love the term “lob” (long bob), and I also enjoy the word “stippling” (the act of applying liquid foundation in a dotting motion, like you would with a sponge), although I couldn’t tell you why — and others are… completely unnecessary. Like, the term “no poo” describes the act of giving up shampoo in a way that makes you giggle every time you say it, but the term “eye contouring,” on the other hand, should never be used. Ever. Because it doesn’t actually mean anything.

The many necessary beauty technique terms and product names out there are confusing enough on their own. Why do we need to add more “trendy” labels into the mix when they never should have been made up? It only makes things more intimidating and hard to understand, especially for makeup newbies. It also makes me feel an irrational sense of rage that cannot be healthy. But that’s besides the point. If you want to sound like a “beauty insider,” stop using these terms because, in my opinion, they only make you sound like you really don’t know much about makeup. Which is fine, it’s just that that might not be what you’re going for. Anyway. Here are some popular new beauty terms that don’t actually mean anything and should be taken out of our vocabularies. It’s for our own good!

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