10 Movies You Love That Were Actually Big Box-Office Bombs

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One day I was in an Internet black hole and ended up on IMDb. For reasons unknown, I looked up Hocus Pocus and discovered that this childhood classic — the movie that I have to watch every October, the movie that introduced me to the holiness that is Sarah Jessica Parker‘s cleavage at a very young age — had a pretty paltry score on the site. “A six out of 10?” I thought. “What kind of madness is this?” But then I did some more snooping and found out that not only did it receive mix reviews upon its release, it also didn’t even perform that well in the box office (more on that later).

I’m not going to lie, I was so taken aback. There are plenty of movies that we loved as a kid that, in retrospect, we realize were pretty much garbage; like, I’m sure that my taste as a 9-year-old was pretty questionable. It’s a lot less surprising to find out that those movies didn’t perform all that well. But to find out that a classic that you either grew up watching or fell in love with recently were pretty unpopular is always a bit of an eye opener. From cult classics to movies that every single millennial remembers watching in theaters, check out these 10 movies you love that actually bombed at the box office. If you think that your faves couldn’t possibly be included in this list, think again:

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