10 Popular Beauty Products That Don’t Actually Work

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As a beauty product hoarder, I know the struggle of buying items you really don’t need but want because either the packaging is amazing, or you were suckered into the sale by an over-zealous Sephora employee. I have tons of beauty products that I’ve never even touched or that I rarely use at all. I also have products that don’t actually even work.

Actually, I would bet that we all own at least one beauty product that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do. Not only that, but it never will, no matter how much money you spend. There are some makeup, hair and skincare items out there that claim to do something, but can’t actually do that something because it’s impossible. How do brands get away with these gimmicks? Misleading advertising and tricky selling, as well as pretty packaging and sometimes even celebrity endorsements (example: waist trainers don’t work long-term and are actually dangerous, but this hasn’t stopped every single Kardashian from pretending they’re life-changers).

It sucks to spend money on a product and then realize you just got fooled. That’s why you need to keep reading! This list will help you learn when to fork over the cash, and when to save your money because it just isn’t worth it. Here are 10 popular beauty products that don’t actually work:

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