10 Super Popular Beauty Hacks That Probably Do Not Work

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Ever since Pinterest came about a few years ago, beauty hacks have been impossible to avoid. Every website or magazine that discusses beauty has dished out some kind of unexpected beauty tips, whether it’s about makeup, skincare or haircare — even we’re not immune! I’ve done too many beauty hacks posts to count, and I strongly stand by some of them. I’ve learned a lot from popular beauty hacks! I’ve found great tricks for fixing my undereye circles, my shaving routine has been transformed and I’ve even discovered new ways to wear and use my bras. I love trying new DIY face masks and hair masks, and it can be fun to share my own little tips with you guys. But as with anything else, it’s not all good — there are some very popular beauty hacks that almost definitely do not work, despite being touted as game changers all over the place.

Sure, some of these tips work for some people (I, personally, have found #4 to be life changing and wonderful, as I write about constantly), and are a disaster for others. Some of them are outright lies, although I guess if you believe enough, you can imagine that they work (just trying to make the intent better!). Others can actually be a little bit dangerous, and should be avoided. Want to know whether a beauty hack is worth it or not? This Ask Reddit thread dissected some of the more popular hacks that are, unfortunately, total fails. #NotAllBeautyHacks, and all that, but keep these in mind next time you’re scrolling through Pinterest! Just because someone swears it’s “amazing!” and “they couldn’t believe it really worked” (like cocoa powder as self-tanner), doesn’t mean it really works, guys. Trust me. Here are some popular beauty hacks that don’t always do the job:

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