6 Popular Bands That Lost a Member at the Height of Their Success

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Are we the only ones who get confused AF when a member of a super-popular band decides to up and leave out of the blue? It’s kind of like… why fix something that’s not broken? Despite it seeming like total nonsense to do such a thing, it happens legitimately all the time. Every music fan out there probably can remember at lease ONE time their world was basc shattered by such drama within a fave band. Boy-banders, girl-groupers, rockers and pop artists alike bail on their crew looking for independent fame, and leave their former “family” in the dust.

Though guys like Zayn Malik and Kevin Richardson left their boy bands, One Direction and Backstreet Boys, respectively, slightly after their peak in popularity, others decide to ditch in the midst of their glory days, thus, breaking the hearts of their fans and, in a lot of cases, forcing their peeps to take sides: