15 Toys & Games Only a True ’90s Kid Would Remember

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A lot of dangerous toys were introduced, or at least popularized, in the ’90s. Moon Shoes, Mr. Bucket, Socker Boppers — all those sort of things. Other products from the decade, like Tamagotchis and Skip-Its, have been modernized to fulfill the wants of kids today. Right now, though, we’re here to talk about those other games and gizmos; the ones from the ’90s that only a true child of the 1990s would ever remember…

1. Talkback Dear Diary — Pre-Kindles and all those similar electronics, this was the shiz:

2. Pretty Pretty Princess — Nothin’ like some cheap jewelry to send all little girls into a tizzy.

3. Laser Challenge — Almost forget how cool this was. Thankfully, this commercial reminded us:

4. Hit Clips — Okay, so technically this is from ’00, but close enough, right?

5. Dream Phone — The guys were legit hot, too.

6. TIGER Games — The Lion King edition was the BEST.

7. Talkboy and Talkgirl — Oh, Home Alone 2

Tumblr (quasi-clear)

Tumblr (quasi-clear)

8. Talking Baby Sinclair — “Not the mama!”

9. OG Polly Pocket — Before she became practically hand-sized…

Tumblr (juraf)

Tumblr (juraf)

10. Sky Dancers — Yes, they were dangerous, but they were still so freaking fun (provided you didn’t lose a limb or poke your eyes out)!

11. Treasure Trolls — They were really cute… in an ugly sort of way.

12. Nickelodeon Time-Blaster Radio Alarm Clock — Before cell phones made most alarm clocks obsolete…

13. Playmobil Victorian House — These things cost, like, $400 at the time too. No wonder it was a huge fight for parents to get ’em.

14. Street Sharks — C’mon, you know these guys were JAWesome.

15. Portable CD Player — Now, most kids are like… “What’s a CD?”

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