YouTube Star Poppy Sued for Stealing the Identity of YouTuber Mars Argo

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There’s basically always drama in YouTube land, but what’s happening right now between Mars Argo and Poppy is INSANE. Mars, whose real name is Brittany Alexandra Sheets, is suing Poppy (real name Moriah Pereira) and her creator, Titanic Sinclair (Corey Mixter) for stealing her identity, abuse, etc.

The 29-year-old states in a lawsuit that after she and the 31-year-old ended their five-year relationship in 2014, he became violent and suicidal.

“[Mixter] began to repeatedly harass, stalk, threaten, and abuse Ms. Sheets, including — but not limited to — threatened to commit suicide, repeatedly showing up unannounced at Ms. Sheets’ doorstep, breaking into her apartment, stalking her every move on social media, disparaging her to mutual friends, acquaintances, or others in the industry, and even physically assaulting her,” the suit states.

She says she suffered “severe emotional and psychological abuse and manipulation from Mr. Mixter” as a result and he tried to get back at her by creating a “knockoff” version of herself in the form of the 23-year-old Internet persona.

“[He] copied Mars Argo’s identity, likeness, expression of ideas, sound, style.”

Brittany also claims Moriah “dyed her hair a specific platinum blonde and, in character as Poppy, started to alter her voice to be a pitch higher to mimic Mars Argo’s distinctive speaking voice.”

Mars Argo has photographic evidence that Titanic broke into her home multiple times after their breakup, as well as proof that he called her things such as “a complete nutcase,” “evil” and “a compulsive liar.”

While none of the parties involved have spoken about the lawsuit directly, the musician did post about the #MeToo movement and opening up about what she’s been hiding for years.