10 Artists We Wish Were Touring This Summer

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So many of our fave artists are touring in the upcoming months and we can only imagine how crazy awesome their concerts will be. Like One Direction! Hello?! But there are some people we’re totes bummed won’t be hitting the road to perform. Wouldn’t you love to see these guys on tour for #summer2012?

Taylor Swift
TSwift is taking the summer off to record/prepare for her new album, which we’re totally psyched about. But we’ll be even more hyped once the Queen of Lyrics is back on the road.

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We know Bey just had a baby and all, but for our own selfish reasons we want our fave Diva to get back into the music scene. Come on! It’s been like, 3 whole months!

P!nk hasn’t had a new album out in four years! We want new music and new tour dates. Now please!

 Selena Gomez
Yeah yeah yeah, we know Selena’s taking a break from music, but how ’bout just one more tour to hold us over?

Katy Perry
Katy totally gets how sad we are that she’s not touring this summer, which is why her 3D concert film, Part of Me, is coming out in a couple months instead. Well, we guess big-screen Katy is better than no Katy.

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There’s so much less glitter in our lives without Ke$ha on tour. And us #animals love us some glitter!

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Bruno Mars
Not much beats seeing Bruno on stage rockin’ out with his guitar and singing like it’s nobody’s business — which is why we wish we could see him in concert this summer!

Miley Cyrus
Miley hasn’t been on tour in the U.S.A (ha) for like, years now. Can’t she stop hanging out with Liam and get back on the road? Por favor?

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Adele had to cancel her North American tour last summer due to vocal chord hemorrhages. Ouch. We’re just happy the surgery went well and her voice sounds as beautiful as ever. We guess the extra year’s wait isn’t the worst thing…


Glee Cast
After touring two summers in a row, “Glee Live! In Concert!” is taking a break this season. They’ll prob vacation or something which is well-deserved, but still. We just wanna see Darren Criss up-close again. Hmph.


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Are you as disappointed as we are that these artists aren’t touring this season? Who do you want to see the most?