Listen Up: Willow Smith Is the Next Pop Princess

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Overnight, Willow Smith went from celebrity offspring to pop sensation. The 9-year-old actress-slash-singer signed on to Jay-Z’s coveted record label Roc Nation, released her first single “Whip My Hair” in September, and created a viral sensation when she launched the music video, um, yesterday.

Willow’s already started a massive celeb following. You’ll never guess who’s already a fan, and which musical legends she’s already being compared to.

Jay-Z has even gone as far to compare Willow to Rihanna and Michael Jackson. He told MTV News, “If you sat with [Willow] for half an hour, she’s just a wealth of information and ideas. She has child innocence but she has a clear vision of what she wants and who she wants to be… I don’t want to go so far, but I can imagine that’s how Mike [Jackson] was as a young kid — he knew exactly what he wanted.”

The girl is as talented as she is young, so it’s safe to assume we’ll see a lot of music-making, hip hop-dancing, and hair-whipping from Willow in the future.