10 of the Most Creative (& Unusual) Pop Culture-Themed Weddings

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Blogspot (robsteners)

Blogspot (robsteners)

Sometimes, fandoms can go hard; real hard. (We’ve seen it in the various stages of fangirling.) Heck, these Hunger Games fans proved it by sacrificing their unmarred skin. But what really shows dedication among the fanbases — not saying it’s a good idea or anything, but still — pop culture-themed weddings.

Not everyone’s willing to let their allegiances show on the biggest day of their lives, but these 10 couples are certainly not shying away from the cameras in their out-there wedding garb. Some even painted their faces inhuman colors. Like… wha-? Take a look through our gallery below to see which fictional flicks some twosomes actually took on, and click the links underneath to see pictures from the actual events!