10 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Will Only Make Sense in 2017

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Ready or not, here comes 2018! Fall has officially arrived, which means we’re only a few months away from watching the ball drop and ringing in the New Year. But before we start switching out our leather jackets for puffy coats and making New Year’s resolutions we’ll forget by February, let’s pause for a sec and soak in the last of 2017. Ignoring the end of Teen Wolf and the cancelled Purpose World Tour (thanks, Justin Bieber), it was a pretty great year.

Actually, we’ll rephrase that. It was a pretty weird year. 2017 brought about some of the strangest trends to date — some that we can’t wait to forget about and others we’re clinging to for dear life. So even as we say good riddance to the brief squiggle brow thing (and even briefer squiggle lips), we’re still riding out the inescapable unicorn and millenial pink aesthetics that have dominated for months. But they can’t stay with us forever. With social media constantly at our fingertips, we’ve got access to so much all the time, which means the things we hold near and dear will be replaced before we know it. (Who knows, we might not even notice!)

That’s why you’ve got to make this year’s Halloween costume count. You can be a pirate or a nurse whenever you want, but nothing says “I’M COOL AND HIP” quite like dressing up like something that took over the pop culture world that year. Remember when everyone dressed as the Little Liars? What about the time that folks’ costume was Kim Kardashian looking like a table cloth at the 2013 Met Gala? These are ICONIC moments in Halloween history, if you ask us. Click through the gallery below to get a head start on your costuming for this year, based on the best moments that happened in Hollywood.