Lunchtime Poll: Should Blair and Chuck Get Back Together? Again?

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We can’t imagine Gossip Girl without Chuck and Blair, but we also can’t keep track of how many times they’ve hooked up and broken up. (That’s like trying to remember the last time we saw Serena cover up.) In this week’s “Witches of Bushwick” episode, Chuck and Blair were thisclose to getting back together—Chuck even said the L-word!—until Blair realized that before she could be the Angelina to Chuck’s Brad, she had to win her Oscar first. (Clever, GG writers.)

It looks like Leighton Meester won’t be locking lips with Ed Westwick any time soon, but what do you think: Should Chuck and Blair get back together? Or do you think it’s time they moved on for good? Vote now in today’s Lunchtime Poll!