The World Can’t Decide If These 12 Male Celebrities Are Hot Or Not

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There are some male celebrities who everyone can agree are hot. (Or, at least 99% of people can agree.) Zac Efron is one; Ian Somerhalder is another. And so on and so forth. But then there are those other guys who, let’s say, half of the population will agree are totally fine with a capital F, while the other half will say, “What’s the big deal with this guy? He’s alright, but he’s not drop-dead gorgeous.” Those are the men we’re here to talk about today.

For the latest edition of Keyboard Drool, we present to you the most polarizing celebs; the ones the world can’t decide if they’re hot, hot, HOT or not, not, NOT. There are no in-betweens here, people. Got that? Click on through the gallery below, then tell us in the comments who’s got you googly-eyed, and who’s got you like, “Meh.”