6 Pokemon Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot of Sense

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We’re not going to sit here and pretend like we know everything there is to know about Pokemon — the video games, the TV show, the characters overall, any of it. (That’s more of a Smosh.com area of expertise.) However, since we were fans of the animated series back in the day — when there were only 150 of the creatures; pretty sure we watched until Mew and Togepi came along, so 152 — we wanted to dig a little deeper into the cartoon’s background.

Rather than attempt to find all the bad lessons surrounding the megawatt franchise ourselves, we thought we’d find actual FAN theories about Ash Ketchum and all of his little friends…

1. Mostly all of the adults died in war. “Fans theorize the reason for the strange lack of adults is a war in the Kanto region, where the first games take place. Lt. Surge, the gym leader in Vermilion City, describes how electric-type Pokémon saved him during “the war.” Since the games take place in a fictional universe, Lt. Surge is not referring to any historical conflicts.”—Mashable

2. Cubone is actually a Kangaskhan left as an orphan after its mother passes away. “Basically, the idea is that a mother Kangaskhan dies, leaving its Kangaskhan cub on its own. The Kangaskhan cub uses the skull and a bone from its mother to use as protection and becomes a Cubone. Then through malnutrition or adapting to a different lifestyle, the Cubone evolves into a Marowak.”—Serebii Forums

3. Ditto is a failed Mew. “Mew is capable of asexual reproduction, a trait only one other Pokemon seems to have: Ditto. There are many connections between Mew and Ditto which shows they have very similar genetic make-up… On Cinnabar Island, clues allude to this place for the site of experiments in the creation of Mewtwo, as well as countless test cloning. Coincidentally, Ditto is found everywhere on Cinnabar Island.” —Wikia (Pokemon Fan Theories)

4. Slowpoke is omniscient.“It’s assumed that Slowpoke is a stupid Pokèmon, but the truth is the complete opposite. Slowpoke is an omniscient creature, meaning that it knows everything that there is to know in the universe, which is what grants Slowpoke its psychic powers. However, the sheer amount of information being processed through Slowpoke’s brain leaves its body detached and borderline unresponsive the world around it.”—Kanye to the

5. Humans are non-evolved Pokèmon.“Maybe they just don’t classify themselves as Pokèmon the same way we don’t classify ourselves as animals, even though we technically are. Perhaps humans were the dominant species of the Pokèmon world and had an advance intelligence far greater than other Pokèmon, that they were able to control them? There are a lot of humanoid Pokèmon and humans could be closely related to them. Pokèmon weren’t even referred to as Pokèmon (Pocket Monsters) until Pokeballs were invented.”—Bulba Garden

6. Ash Ketchum is immortal.“When Ash tried to stop the fight between Mew and Mewtwo, he gets his sh** wrecked harder then a Lv. 3 Ratata. Ultimately, he turns to stone and this whole thing goes to a very sad, very depressing part in the movie. Wanna know why? Because Ash was supposed to f****** die. Not for sure if that was the original idea, but he should have died so we could have Red in the USA… Every single Pokèmon besides Mew and Mewtwo starts crying these Tears of Pure Unimaginable Sadness (or Life) that make a bee-line towards the concrete corpse that was Ash Ketchum.”—Man Demolition

For more fun fan theories, visit our friends at Smosh.com. Are you a fan of the animated series/video games? Tell us all your Pokè-related thoughts in the comments!

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