Fast Food Chain Blocks Jake Paul on Twitter After He Asks for Free Wings

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You may or may not have noticed that Jake Paul was trending on Twitter the other day after Shane Dawson announced the problematic YouTuber would be the new subject of his docu-series. Naturally, Twitter had an all out field day after the news came out. Surprisingly, some businesses used this to their advantage.

One such business was Pluckers (yes, that’s really the name), which is a fast food chain that sells…you guessed it…chicken.

The hungry YouTuber seized his opportunity to snag free food from the chain, and tweeted back at them asking for a 12 piece buffalo chicken meal. Let’s just say his request was denied. *Queue the eye roll*

We stan a company that keeps up with the trends, and apparently so does the Internet. People were quick to notice the clapback and the replies are priceless.

One thing’s for sure, if we are ever in Texas, we are definitely going to get our chicken from this place!