Guess What? Lucy Hale Gets Texts from “A” In Real Life, Too (Exclusive)

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Lucy Hale is used to getting the crap scared out of her whilst being stalked by “A” on Pretty Little Liars, but now, for her role in Scream 4? Uh, yeah, let’s just say she seems a wee bit more “A” than she does Aria in this creepy pic (and movie).

So what does Lucy think is the scariest thing about guys? And why does she get real-life texts from “A”? And, most importantly, what can we expect in the first ep of PLL season 2? Read on for our exclusive Q&A!

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Teen.com: So, we hear you’re in the opening scene of the movie. Were you nervous to be in such an iconic scene?
Lucy: Well, I’m not so sure how you found that out (laughs), but yeah, it’s going to be really, really interesting to see peoples’ reaction with my part because I feel like I have a very special part in the film. One that will be remembered. It was cool. It was really special.

Teen.com: So Scream is all about a phone call. Have you ever gotten any kind of creepy phone call or text?
Lucy: That’s actually a really hard question. I always get texts because of Pretty Little Liars when ‘A’ always texts us, so some of my friends will text me something and then minutes later will be like, “From A.” It gets a little old (laughs).

Teen.com: What do you think is the scariest thing about guys?
Lucy: I never know what they’re thinking…they’re really hard to read and I hate not knowing what they’re thinking or what’s going on. That sort of scares me because I like to be in charge of what’s going on. I feel like guys are mysterious and secretive.

Teen.com: And what’s the scariest thing about Hollywood?
Lucy: Oh god where do I begin? I think just getting sucked into all the negative things you hear about Hollywood like the partying, hanging with the wrong group of people. I guess it’s scary because you don’t want to get sucked into that so you sort of have to keep your distance.

Teen.com: Have you had any crazy or scary fan encounters?
Lucy: Actually, someone from the LA County Jail kept calling like, dozens of times and of course I didn’t pick up, it just kept going to voicemail. The operator would say “an inmate from the LA County Jail is trying to get in touch with you.” It could have easily been the wrong number but I felt like maybe they had seen something I was on and…I don’t know how they got my number at all so that was kind of creepy.

Teen.com: Whoa, creepy! Pretty Little Liars is all about mystery just like Scream 4 is. Were there any similarities in filming?
Lucy: There’s the suspense and the freaking out over someone walking in and not being aware of what’s going on. They’re similar in that way, but I think the thing about Pretty Little Liars is that it remains a secret whereas in Scream you see the actual person who’s doing these things .

Teen.com: Because in PLL you’re stalked by “A” and in Scream 4 we see you holding a knife! Was it weird to be on the other side of things?
Lucy: It’s so funny that you mentioned me holding a knife because when you see the scene, you’ll see why I’m doing that, but it’s very playful inside the scene and then in the movie it turns around…

We can’t wait to see it! Why do you think PLL fans should see Scream 4?
Lucy: I think there’s a whole new generation of actors that they’ll be familiar with. There are creepy and spooky moments but there are funny moments…if you like gore, you’re really gonna love this movie. It’s different from any other horror film and it covers all different genres. There’s comedy, there’s romance, there’s drama – there’s everything.

Teen.com: Speaking of Pretty Little Liars, can you tell us if we’re going to find out if Ian is really dead? We’re dying to know!
Lucy: I am too! I assume within the first couple of episodes it’ll be established – I could be wrong because they do throw us for a loop, but I’m sort of wondering the same thing.

Teen.com: So we won’t find out in the first episode of season 2, then?
Lucy: Um, maybe. (Laughs)

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