Playlist of the Week: 5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To!

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When we shared our playlist last week, we left you guys with some of our fave party (and sleep) mode tunes. But now? It’s all about summer lovin’! From Victoria Justice to Joe Jonas, these are the songs that keep our summer crushes (and, fine heartbreaks too) on our minds.

Click to see (and hear) some of the songs on our playlist this week!

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1. Best Friend’s Brother – Victoria Justice
When this song first hit the airwaves, we remembered going to our BFFS house and crushing on her brother. Hearing Victoria sing all about it made us feel we weren’t wrong or alone in feeling this way. Thanks, Vic!

2. Love You Like a Love Song – Selena Gomez
We all have that one person who we sorta apply like, every love song to. So we guess it’s safe to saywe sometimes love them like a love song (like Sel does to Justin Bieber?!).

3. See No More – Joe Jonas
Poor Joe! We totes relate to him with “See No More.” He was heartbroken and torn and just didn’t want to see the girl who left him missing her. While this song may bring us back to harder times, Joe sounds great singing in his first solo hit. We love!

4. Steal Your Heart – Augustana
The music for this song has a total old school rock feel, but it’s so amazing. The song reminds us of the first time we were like, hardcore crushing on someone. And who doesn’t want to remember a summer like that?

5. How To Love – Lil Wayne
Sometimes when our heart gets broken, we forget how to love or really just don’t want to. It’s kinda like we get scared to love again. But Weezy’s “How to Love” gives us hope and makes us wanna give love another try.

Are you replaying some of these tunes, too? What do you have on your playlist right now? Sound off in the comments!