Playlist of the Week: 5 Songs We Can’t Stop Listening To!

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We totes love sharing our playlists with you guys every week, especially cause we love knowing what you’re listening to, too. And while last week we went the pop pop route with Selena Gomez and Victoria Justice, now we’re suddenly listening to R&B tunes by Chris Brown and Eminiem. But you love that kinda stuff too, right?!

Click on to see the 5 songs we keep on repeat!

1. “She Ain’t You” – Chris Brown
When we first heard this one, we wondered if this song could be about Rihanna. But for all those who were wondering, it’s totally not. This song was more of a dedication to Michael Jackson and Chris just decided to add lyrics about wanting a girl back to MJ’s beat. Love.

2. “Man Down” – Rihanna
Rihanna may have shot a man in this video, but that doesn’t stop us from thinking this song is totally awesome. Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t agree with what she actually pulls off (according to the lyrics), but you gotta admit the whole reggae thing is all kinds of awesome.

3. “Marvin’s Room” – Drake
Guess being a celeb doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get the girl (or guy) you want! In “Marvin’s Room,” you can feel Drake’s desperation to get this girl he wants, but she’s with someone else. Want what you can’t have? Yeah, we’ve all been there.

4. “Out of My Head” – Lupe Fiasco ft. Trey Songz
Okay, Lupe. Let’s just say we can totes understand where you’re coming from with this one. If you ever had a crush or a BF that you couldn’t get out of your head, then you’ll agree that this song is freakin’ awesome.

5. “Lighters” – Eminem ft. Bruno Mars
This song is like the absolute perfect combo of Eminem’s lyrics and Bruno’s amazing voice. And if you’ve heard them both, then you know what we’re getting at. So, enough said.

Are any of these songs on your playlist, too? What are you listening to right now? Sound off and share with us in the comments!