Playlist Of The Week: 10 Best Cover Songs Of The Past Year Ish All Time

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So, there’s a reason Karaoke is a thing. It’s the same reason why we tune into Glee every week (no, the answer isn’t Darren Criss).

See, everyone loves a good cover song. Obvs we do since we tell you about ’em like every single day. So this week’s playlist is all about copycats.  You’ll probs recognize most of our picks (cough, “Teenage Dream,” cough), but that’s just because they’re so awesome.

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Check out our 10 fave covers below!

1. “How To Love” – Justin Bieber

The Biebs pretty much kills it with his softer and less gritty version of this Lil Wayne rap. Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but it’s not like you don’t already have Biebs on repeat, eh?

2. “Paparazzi” – Greyson Chance

Greyson got his big break when someone taped him singing the Gaga tune. But it’s pretty obvious why he’s since become a pretty big deal. The kid may have been in 6th grade at the time, but he completely blew our mind with his vocal range and mad keyboard skillz, yo.

3. “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – Miley Cyrus

We have to admit we still love Cyndi Lauper’s original, but Miley modernizes and adds her signature spunk to the classic 80’s tune.

4. “Cry Me A River” – Taylor Swift

Tay is known for covering just about every song ever at her concerts (Nelly, Usher, Nicki Minaj, Eminem, to name a few.), but we chose this one because this JT song never ever gets old. Also, it’s pretty obvious that when it comes to breakup songs, Tay is the pro, no?

5. “Skyscraper” – Jordin Sparks

Home girl has serious vocal chops, and Jordin’s take on Demi Lovato‘s power ballad pretty much proves it.

6. “Teenage Dream” – Darren Criss

Duh! Like, do we even have to say anything about Blaine’s take on the Katy Perry classic? In just three minutes, we (and the whole world) were smitten with newcomer Darren and vowed to marry him one day. And we will.

7. “Friday” – Katy Perry

So everyone and their mother covered Rebecca Black‘s famously annoying awesome single, but we think KP did it best. Her voice meshes perfectly with the tune’s melody and, of course, it’s a perfect segue to “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)”

8. “You Know I’m No Good” – JoJo

JoJo’s back, y’all, and we’re loving it. Her tribute to Amy Winehouse kicks ass and reminds us how much we miss her.

9. “Grenade” – Christina Grimmie

Christina’s come a long way in the past year. She got her start singing covers of everyone from Adele to Cee Lo to Bruno Mars (our fave below) and now she’s like, pretty much besties with Selena Gomez.

10. “Forget You” – Taylor Momsen

So, this is interesting. Since Taylor has, um, sort of a rep to uphold, we’re surprised she went with the clean version of the Cee Lo song. But we’re glad she did and, truth be told, we sorta like it better than Gwennie’s cover on Glee. Do you?!

What did you think of our picks? Which one is your fave? Have any other covers you love? Spill it!