11 People Who Spent Big $$$ on Plastic Surgery to Look Like Barbie & Ken Dolls

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Plastic surgery can be used for many reasons. Some people get nose jobs to fix their deviated septums; some opt for breast augmentation to enhance or reduce the size of their chest; then there are other people who get a combination of the aforementioned operations, and then some, to look like Barbie & Ken dolls. True story.

While there are, apparently, humans in the world, like teen Lolita Richi, who have 20-inch waists and 32F bra sizes without any sort of plastic surgery (or so they say), many must go through painful operations — and, therefore, a lot of cash money — to achieve their desired look… of disproportionate plastic figurines. Here are 11 such real-life people who spent big $$$ on cosmetic surgery to look like Mattel products: