All 19 Pixar Movies, Ranked by Their Success at the Box Office

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Whether we’re going to the theater to see a flick on its opening weekend or having a much-needed Disney Channel Original Movie marathon, there’s nothing better than sitting back and getting transported into another world. We have to be honest and say that Pixar films have a special place in our hearts, and with so many exciting projects in the works we know that love is just going to continue getting bigger.

We are already counting down the days until The Incredibles 2 hits theaters, so we took a look at every single Pixar movie and ranked them depending on how well they did at the box office. We were shocked to see which movies brought in the big bucks and which ones we totally forgot about. Because Pixar has been creating iconic flicks for YEARS, we’re ranking the flicks from smallest adjusted-for-inflation to the biggest-adjusted-for-inflation because you know, money has changed a lot over the years. Get ready to want to have your own Pixar marathon after reading this!