12 Cute AF Pairs of Minnie Mouse Ears Based on Your Favorite Pixar Movies

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We’ll admit that we’ve become slightly obsessed with all the Mickey & Minnie Mouse ears that have been popping up lately. Did you see the ones that are inspired by the Haunted Mansion ride? Or these millennial pink beauties that are to die for? Come on, you had to have at least seen the rainbow ones that came out during Pride Month, right??

Like we said, OB-sessed.

So you can only imagine how excited delighted enthralled BEYOND WORDS we were when we discovered all of the Minnie ears that are inspired by Pixar movies. Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Toy Story, Up — you name it, it exists. Oh, did we pique your interest? Here, take a peek at some of our all-time favorite DIY Disney headbands: