Win the Ultimate Sleepover Party Essentials Giveaway — Worth Over $150!

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Columbia Pictures

Columbia Pictures

Planning the ultimate sleepover just got easier. Obviously, a good slumber party includes junk food and awesome chick flicks, but many forget about the other essential part: the comfort. Hello, it’s called a “slumber” party and “sleep”over — you can’t get those without being cozy, you know?

Fortunately for you, we’ve created your go-to pack:

-Mystical Panda BodyPillar — $19.99
-Mystical Panda FabTablet — $29.99
-Mystical Panda Pillow Pet — $19.99
-Zippity Zebra Flipper Slippers — $19.99
Marked Private Invite Bandz — $14.99
-2 Eyn Cases — $29.99 each

(The Invite bandz are the perfect way to send out invites — it’s an invite, online fun and thank you all in one!) And, just to give you a glimpse of all the cuteness included, here are pictures of your potential future swag: