Photoshop This: Come Up With a Funny Pic, Win a $20 iTunes Gift Card

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We know, we know. Last week’s Photoshop This pic of a man and woman in a washing machine was basically asking for funny captions. But we were blown away by the cleverness that you guys put into your submissions this week! And we gotta wish a huge mazel to this week’s winner, Rejane, whose Jack and Jill in the box had us hard-core LOLing. Congrats, girl!

Caption This Photo Contest Winner

But we also had to give some props to Anne Marie, our runner-up, for her creative way of making the old people into carrots. Super cute.

Caption This Photo Contest Runner Up

Now, here’s the pic for you to manipulate this week! The funnier and more creative the better! What do you think Zac Efron and those ladies were thinking in this pic? Grab your Photoshop and go, go go!!!

Girls Staring at Zac Efron, Caption Celebrity Photo

We’ll announce our winner Monday, 1/16 and entries received after 12:01 AM ET on 1/16/12 will not be considered. Good luck!

Got a pic we should use for next week’s Photoshop This contest? Paste the link in the comments!

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