Photoshop This: Come Up With a Funny Pic, Win a $20 iTunes Gift Card!

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So we’re pretty sure Zac Efron is used to hot ladies throwing themselves at him. Which is why last week’s Photoshop This pic of a bunch of creepy girls awkwardly gawking at him was just ripe for the PS This picking. And while we had SO MANY good entries, we had to reward Jacqui K., who turned those cute girls into even cuter drag queens. Who are now awkwardly staring at Zac, making this 1,000,000 times funnier than before. Congrats!

Drag Queens With Zac Efron

Now, here’s the pic for you to change up this week! The funnier and more creative the better! Double click your Photoshop and go, go go!!! (BTW, WHAT IS THIS KID THINKING!?)

Funny Awkward Pic of Kid Jumping Off Stairs


We’ll announce our winner Monday, 1/23 and entries received after 12:01 AM ET on 1/23/12 will not be considered. Good luck!

Got a pic we should use for next week’s Photoshop This contest? Paste the link in the comments!

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