Boo Hoo! The 10 Ugliest Crying Faces on TV

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We love nothing more than celebrities who can mock themselves, hence our obsession with Kim Kardashian right now. Kim made a joke in a recent post on her blog about how ugly she looks when she cries and all we have to say is — we concur.

But luckily for us and unfortunately for them, Kim is not the only beautiful person who looks less-than-attractive shedding tears on national television. Blame it on the editing? Nah, we think these pics speak for themselves:

Kim Kardashian on Kourtney and Kim Take New York
Is Kim crying here over her lost diamond earring? Her ill-fated marriage? Not getting her way? Not sure, but FYI, all three of those things have actually happened.

Laurel on The Lying Game
We feel bad for Laurel for wasting tears on her stupid ex-boyfriend, Justin — you should never cry over an ex, ladies! But we can’t help but laugh when Laurel sheds tears. And we think this pic explains why.

Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom
If we had a nickel for every time Farrah started bawling on Teen Mom, we’d be very rich right about now. We think it’s even safe to say that Farrah cries more than her three-year-old, Sophia. But here’s the truth — Sophia’s crying is probs way cuter.

Francia Raisa on Secret Life of the American Teenager
Whether Adrian’s waterworks are over Ricky rejecting her, Ben dumping her, or Amy and the rest of her friends hating her, we’d say they’re usually pretty legit. But pretty? No. No they are not.

Rachel Crow on The X-Factor
Getting rejected is hard for any teenager, but 13-year-old Rachel took it real hard when she got the boot on last season’s X-Factor. Oh boy.

Lea Michele on Glee
We kinda like when Rachel Berry cries while performing — singing is all about the emotion, guys. But truthfully, we can do without her crying face otherwise. Just see exhibit A below:

Chris Colfer on Glee
Samesies for Rachel’s BFF, Kurt. Here he is crying over that majorly embarrassing prom moment, which was warranted, but still. Not so cute.

Sammi Sweetheart on Jersey Shore
“Rawwwwnnie! Stap! Stap it!” We don’t know what’s funnier when Sammi cries — what she looks like or the crazy stuff she says?

Ashley Benson on Pretty Little Liars
Poor Hanna’s had it rough lately so we should be cutting her some slack, but nope. Here we are, making fun of her crying face. She is our fave little liar though. Are we redeemed now?

Paul Wesley on The Vampire Diaries
Haha. Jk. He’s hot no matter what.

How funny were those pics? And how right are we? Tell us who you think is the ugliest cryer on TV (or in general) below, and if you have an ugly crying pic of yourself to share, please, feel free…

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