12 Things You Do You Didn’t Realize Are Ruining Your Phone Battery

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Full disclosure: I am ridiculously obsessed with my iPhone. I don’t think there’s anything wrong our generation’s reliance on cell phones (they make life easier and better!), but I do think there’s something wrong with the way I can’t function without mine. My iPhone 6 just might be the most important object in my life. When it dies and I’m out without a charger, I genuinely feel lost and stressed. When I forget it, it feels like I’m forgetting a limb. I can’t tell you how many times a day I sit there scrolling through the same thing over and over again. So, clearly, my phone battery life is very important to me.

Unfortunately, while iPhones and other smartphones are great for many, many things, they are not known for their spectacular battery life. Whether that’s because they just aren’t up to par or because we use them way too much, one thing is for sure: it’s not an ideal situation. Having a phone that is on 20% by the afternoon is frustrating.

We can’t place all the blame on the brands that make the phones, though. There are lots of things we all do every single day that are literally killing our phone batteries without us even realizing it. Some of these are easy fixes, others are habits we’ll have to learn to adjust. Here are 12 things you do you didn’t realize are ruining your phone battery:

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