One Week After Breaking Up, a Vampire Diaries Couple is Back Together

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When a celebrity couple breaks up, they often say that there are no hard feelings and they plan to remain best friends. While this happens occasionally, once a famous pair calls it quits, we usually never see or hear (you know, besides the ~subtle~ shade) from them again. That’s not the case with Paul Wesley and Phoebe Tonkin.

The Vampire Diaries co-stars reportedly broke up just over a week ago, but the source who confirmed their split said that “they are still good friends.” Either this fact is super true, or the couple never actually went their separate ways in the first place — ’cause they were just seen together again!

The 27- and 34-year-old stars hit up a farmers market over the weekend where they were seen casually strolling along, chatting, drinking coffee and enjoying each other’s company.



Oh, and did we mention that they were also holding freakin’ hands?!?!?!

While Paul and Phoebe’s recent hangout isn’t necessarily proof they’re romantically involved again (who knows — maybe they’re just friends who like to hold hands?? *rolls eyes*), many people are pretty convinced that the couple is back in full force.

Let Weskin rise once again!

Paul and Phoebe are just two Vampire Diaries co-stars who met while filming the show: