Lily Collins’ Dad Cheated on Her Mom & Dumped Her in the Worst Way Possible

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Lily isn’t the only member of the Collins family with a new book. Just a couple days after the 27-year-old star of The Mortal Instruments revealed her plans to release her first authored tale, entitled Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me, excerpts from her legendary singer dad Phil Collins‘ memoir, Not Dead Yet, hit the Internet and, let us tell you, everything in it is far more scandalous than anything the younger Collins could possibly write.

Though the Love, Rosie actress will include some information about her “extremely difficult” past relationships, the 65-year-old lead singer of Genesis goes into gruesome detail about his infidelities, including the two affairs that led to his divorce from Lily’s mom, second wife Jill Tavelman. (He was previously married to Andrea Bertorelli, but both reportedly struck up affairs before their eventual divorce.)

It all started in 1992, 8 years into Phil & Jill’s marriage and 3 years after Lily was born. While his band was performing in LA, he reconnected with his childhood sweetheart, Lavinia Lang. “Seeing her: time stops, then rattles backward, fast, dizzyingly, to teenage dreams,” he writes. “I am not thinking about my nearby wife, 3-year-old daughter and mother-in-law.”

“I know that recounting this makes me sound like a right shallow bastard,” he continues. “But I’m not that way. I’m very loyal. Very committed.”

So committed, that while his wife and a young Lil were in LA, he and Lavinia began having an affair in London. 4 weeks later, they came to the decision to leave their spouses. “Before this I have never been unfaithful,” Phil explains. “But I class Lavinia as a genuine exception — I have good reason to do this in my misty eyes. She’s the love of a younger life, the one that got away.”

Unfortunately for Phil, she gets away again. “Alas, from dizzying highs to nausea-inducing lows,” he says. “Lavinia comes back to me, having spoken to her husband, and says, ‘He’s not gonna kill me, but he’s gonna ruin my life: He’ll take the kids.’ As quickly as it was all on, it’s all off.”

After that, he remained faithful to Jill for about 2 years… then he met Orianne Cevey, a then-21-year-old woman who served as his translator in Geneva. “For the next couple of days, I’m like a dog with two tails,” Phil admits. “But at the same time: I’m about to go to Paris. And in Paris I’m due to meet my wife and our 5-year-old daughter, who are flying in from London. What have I done? Well, I know what I’ve done. I’ve betrayed my wife and child. Again. And I’ve set sail for perilously uncharted waters. ‘Meet Phil Collins’ new mystery girlfriend. She’s young enough to be his daughter.’ Ticks all the midlife crisis boxes.”

The famous musician cops to his infidelity, we’re sure much to his wife’s dismay. 6 weeks later, he claims he wrote her a four- to five-page letter. “I try to outline the way I feel about us, about the future,” he explains. “The most reliable and quickest way to get this letter to her is to fax rather than post it. So that’s what I do.”

A fax. Let’s let that sink in.

“Somehow Britain’s biggest selling tabloid has got hold of the fax I sent from my dressing room,” he writes. “What The Sun has edited and used from what I actually wrote has given them the headline ‘I’m Faxing Furious,’ and the story that I was faxing for divorce.”

Like… isn’t that kinda what it was?

Anyway, up next was telling a mini Lily about his new lady love. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t very difficult. He says, “I introduce Lily to the difficult subject of the new lady in Daddy’s life by telling her: ‘I’ve met a lady who looks just like Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.’ She’s wide-eyed at this. ‘Wow!’ That helps Lily and Orianne have an instant connection.”

Phil & Jill divorced in 1996, he married Orianne in 1999 and, subsequently, divorced her in 2008. She, in turn, got remarried, BUT now she’s divorcing her second husband and she’s back with Phil. Drama, drama, drama…
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