Less Than Two Weeks After Scary Break-in, YouTube Couple Suffers Tragic Loss

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YouTube stars Philip and Lindsay DeFranco have had an extremely rough month. Less than two weeks ago, the 27-year-old was home alone with her 2-year-old son, Trey, when someone tried to break in. Luckily, no one was harmed in the incident, but ironically enough, the family suffered ANOTHER traumatic event just a few days ago.

“Thursday I had a miscarriage,” the woman said in an emotional new video.

Lindsay took a pregnancy test on September 19th and saw two lines — she was pregnant. She and Phil were obviously thrilled, but when the break-in occurred three days later, their emotions took a turn.

“That might kinda help explain why I was so emotional in the video…,” the YouTuber explained. “The whole event shook me a lot more because I had another life in me. The whole time I was just thinking, ‘If this interferes with my pregnancy I’m going to be very, upset.'”

As we mentioned before, the mom and her toddler were unharmed duringthe break-in, but as the days went on she noticed that was bleeding slightly and “didn’t feel right.” She told her husband what was going on and they decided to go to the hospital to get everything checked out. Unfortunately, the ultrasound technician didn’t see anything in her uterus during the appointment and her hormone levels were extremely low, which “confirmed [her] worst-case scenario; she had miscarried the baby.

While the couple is obviously going through a very tough time right now, the woman says she still very much wants to expand her family and won’t stop trying to conceive.

“It sucks having to start over, but we’re gonna keep trying. We’re not gonna give up.”

We wish Lindsay and Phil all the best at this difficult time.

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