Gorgeous Disney Channel Star Skinny-Shamed by a Fellow Actress

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In Hollywood, no one is perfect. Celebrities are either too fat or too skinny, and the entire world makes sure to point out their imperfections all the freakin’ time. Peyton List is a huge supporter of body positivity for a lot of reasons, one being that she’s been body-shamed in the past.

The Bunk’d star was once on set with another actress who inadvertently skinny-shamed her while bringing herself down, too.

“I remember once being on a set and sitting next to this actress who I thought was the most beautiful woman ever,” the 19-year-old said in Huffington Post’s The Tea newsletter. “I remember she said, ‘Oh I don’t want to take a picture next to that girl. She’s gonna make me look fat.’ And that was so sad to me, because I always looked up to her, and I always thought she was so beautiful.”

While the mystery woman’s comment didn’t directly attack Peyton’s body, it did basically say that there was something wrong with her thin frame, which is a clear example of body-shaming.

Peyton continued, “So for her to think that about herself…that just showed me how everyone struggles. I thought I might as well speak out about that and show that you can embrace who you are and embrace your body. […] Feminism and body positivity are huge things to me. Why do we have to call skinny perfect? Why can’t all bodies be beautiful? Curves are so beautiful. People should embrace that.”

We completely agree — all bodies are beautiful! PREACH, Peyton!

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