One of Your Disney Faves Had Her First Kiss on the Jessie Set & it Was SO Awk!

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Peyton List is currently super busy filming the second season of Bunk’d, but still managed to land another exciting gig — NFL Juniors‘ newest spokesperson! Last week, The 18-year-old used a break in her Disney duties to jet over to NYC for an incredible launch party… and to casually hang out with us. #HumbleBrag

The teen wanted to get involved with NFL Juniors because as a football fan herself, she didn’t think it was fair that girls’ clothing options are limited.

“Females are interested in football and sports, so why should they be excluded,” she told us. “It’s not fair. A lot of women are interested in football, so I felt like I should design something cute.”

Did she say design? Yup! Peyton will soon be able to add designer to her resume, as she worked to create a few adorable pieces of clothing, and her fans will be able to vote for their faves. GOALS! Looking fashionable is always a great way to boost your self-confidence, which we’re sure is something the blonde would’ve appreciated back in her Jessie days.

“I had my first kiss scene on Jessie and I was nervous because I was younger and when you haven’t had your first kiss in real life and then you have to have a first kiss on screen and everyone’s watching you, it’s the most nerve-racking thing. I was like, ‘What am I gonna do?!'”

To make matters even more uncomfortable for the actress, the guest-star she was smooching already had his first kiss, and she “ended up just going for it” and didn’t tell anyone the awkward situation she was in. Luckily, things went “fine,” and she’s now completely used to puckering up in front of the camera.

“It’s weird because I did have a kissing scene on the second season [of Bunk’d] and I didn’t feel anything; I did not think that would happen! I almost just forgot about it.”

But while the cast’s closeness is obviously a good thing, it can sometimes cause minor tiffs that make everyone “need a break” from each other.”

“We have dumb fights, probably about someone borrowing someone’s things, or blocking or someone missed his cues… Afterwards we just laugh about it.”

Ultimately, Peyton says season two of Bunk’d is “going really well,” especially for her character, Emma Ross.

“I like the storylines they’re doing. They’re exploring more relationships between Emma and her best friend and her boyfriend Xander. I feel like they’re keeping it more real during the second season.”

We can’t wait!

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