Peyton List & Cameron Monaghan May Be Dating & Fans are LOVING It

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In recent months, Peyton List & Cameron Monaghan have been spotted in each other’s company a lot… which would make sense because, earlier this year, the two began filming Anthem of a Reluctant Prophet, the movie adaptation of Joanne Proulx‘s YA book of the same name.

BUT, even after the film wrapped shooting, the pair was still seen out and about, meeting up at the movies, holding hands at Disneyland and hitting up the Streamy Awards after party together. We don’t know about you, but to us that sounds an awful lot more than friendly co-stars, you know?

Neither of them has ever confirmed (nor denied) a full-blown relationship, though, so we can’t just say they’re dating. HOWEVER, the 19-year-old Bunk’d actress did just confirm to Rogue magazine the there is a special someone in her life, telling the publication that she “loves being home now because I have to travel so much, and I’m in a new relationship, so it’s nice being back in LA with them.”

Naturally, ’cause of all the boyfriend-girlfriend rumors flying around, fans are freaking out… and totally loving the idea of the blonde beauty and 24-year-old Vampire Academy alum dating:

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