Popular YouTuber Used Horrific Racial Slur, But People Are Still Defending Him

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Our minds are blown and our hearts genuinely hurt right now. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better know as being the face of YouTube‘s most popular channel PewDiePie, is known for being slightly controversial, but when we heard he used the n-word in a recent video, we were genuinely shocked — how could someone with such a big platform use such an offensive slur?

We assumed everyone who saw the video would be condemning the 27-year-old, and at first that’s what happened — #PewDiePieIsOverParty started trending on Twitter almost immediately after the video when live — but then after looking a little bit deeper, we realized that more people were actually defending his actions rather than letting him know what he did was wrong. Their argument was, for the most part, that he didn’t use the word with the intent to offend, but rather be funny, and so therefore he’s not at fault.

We understand that PewDiePiew might not have intentionally tried to be offensive, but the point is that the word he used has disgusting roots and is never acceptable.

While many defended the Internet king, there were some (probably who helped start the trending topic, TBH) who wanted to inform him that what he did was wrong and he should apologize to those who he hurt.

Apologies go a long way.

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