With One Silly Move, Major YouTube Feud Turns Into Nasty Legal Battle

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Although the PewDiePieKSI feud was pretty effing intense when it began a few weeks ago, things have been pretty quiet between the two YouTubers since then. But just when you thought the men were over starting drama on social media, they go and reignite the flame and make it burn hotter than ever.

It all started when the YouTube gamer made a seemingly innocent video called “MY FIRST CAR,” hilariously mocking all those who’ve showed off fancy vehicles in the past. While the 22-year-old comedian does, in fact, have a sports car that frequently posts ago, he’s definitely not the only one and you could totally argue that Felix (PewDiePie’s real name) had no intention of specifically calling him out… until the second half of the video. After the 26 year old did some funny posing in front of a beat-up clunker, he started to cruise down the road in that bad boy — while playing KSI’s song “Lamborghini” at full blast.

It was very clear that the tune was chosen intentionally, and JJ (KSI’s real name) agreed and was not happy. In fact, the funny man was SO upset about PewDiePie’s silly stunt that he threatened to get his lawyers involved to sue him for copyright infringement and ‘deformation’ (we’re pretty pos he meant ‘defamation’) of character.

But the dramz didn’t end there! Instead of letting the threat go, or, ya know, contacting his own lawyers to protect himself, the Swedish man responded by challenging the online personality to the best kind of battle he knows — a video game throw down.

You guessed it — KSI wasn’t going to let that one slide! He then tweeted again, this time accepting the challenge and involving Felix’s longtime girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin.

Neither YouTuber has said anything else, but we’re sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard of this feud.


KSI and PewDiePie definitely aren’t the only YouTubers who’ve had serious beef: