6 PewDiePie Controversies You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

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Anyone who has seen Spiderman knows that “with great power, comes great responsibility,” but maybe PewDiePie is in need of a little reminder. As the most-subscribed user on YouTube, he’s got a lot of eyes on him — over 57 million pairs, to be exact — so he should be using his platform for good instead of evil. But lately, it’s starting to feel like the opposite, and not just because he endlessly disses other YT stars.

A guy can only apologize for racist comments so many times before people stop forgiving and start forgetting. It’s not like there’s any lack of awesome YouTubers out there to watch instead, and at this point, we’ve only got one thing to say to Felix Kjellberg — FaZe Banks may be defending you, but the scandals are getting old!

If the 27-year-old was willing to change — and we mean really change instead of just apologizing and then doing the same stupid stuff a month later — that’d be different. Pewds wouldn’t be the first star to alter his image after falling off the wagon for a bit. Who can forget Justin Bieber‘s transformation?

When we caught wind of “The One” crooner’s DUI arrest and alleged vandalism charges, it seemed like he was too far gone, but after disappearing for a bit and apologizing a bunch, the Biebs returned to the straight and narrow — recent collision with the paps aside. That being said, it’s possible PewDiePie could head in the opposite direction and follow the example of another outspoken YouTuber, JonTron, who stopped apologizing for his racist comments altogether. Only time will tell.

All we know is, PDP has made so many controversial vids over the years that we’re just really hoping his latest scandal was the last. But just in case you needed a refresher on his unsavory history, we’ve rounded up every single cringeworthy moment of his Internet life. It’s clear that even though Time named him one of the 100 most influential people last year, he hasn’t been living up to that title — unless you count being a bad influence.