18 Times Peter Kavinsky Gave Us Unrealistic Expectations About Love

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When The Kissing Booth premiered on Netflix back in May, we honestly thought we’d never see a cuter teenage rom-com again in our lives. But then the film adaptation of Jenny Han‘s best-selling novel, To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, swooped in earlier this month and COMPLETELY shattered that prediction. Not to be dramatic, but it’s one of the best books-turned-movies we’ve ever seen. Like, ever. Why, you may ask? Two words: Peter Kavinsky.

The fictional character, played by everyone’s new favorite actor, Noah Centineo, is honestly 2018’s version of Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill. And if you know anything about Nate, you know he’s an INCREDIBLY hard person to live up to, especially in the romance department. So, just like the TV basketball player ruined real-life love for us, the kombucha-drinking, sweet-talking cutie is destined to make us have unrealistic expectations about relationships from now until the end of time.