10 Reasons You Need to Be Paying Attention to Pete Davidson Right Now

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20 probably doesn’t seem very old to anyone who doesn’t currently have line leaders at school. That’s because it really isn’t. So when you accomplish life’s dreams in such a short time, it’s a really big deal. Which is why comedian Pete Davidson deserves both a pat on the back and a round of applause for being cast as the youngest member of Saturday Night Live‘s current season. You’ll probably need to do those things separately, though, unless you’ve got an extra hand that you haven’t told us about.

Unless you’re really invested in New York City’s comedy scene, it can be tough to keep up with its rising stars and promising talent. We get it; we won’t hold it against you. But only because then we’d also have to hold it a little against ourselves, too. And that sounds like a drag, which is the opposite of the kind of time we want to have when introducing you to the guy who could very well be your new favorite comedian.

So, allow us to share with you a thing or two about the native Staten Islander that we think you’d be into knowing. Don’t say we never gave you anything! And, if you do, at least don’t say it to our faces. We’re sensitive.