15 of the Filthiest Tweets Thirsty Fans Sent to Pete Davidson

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Pete Davidson Dirty Tweets


The last month or so has been a whirlwind for Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson, who, after only about one month of dating Ariana Grande, decided to pop the question. Although AG is the one who’s captured PD’s heart for the long haul, we’d be remiss if we said there aren’t hoards of fans on the Internet vying for the attention of the SNL funny guy.

In between tweets begging the 24-year-old to retweet or follow them back are actually some pretty scandalous messages that are as NSFW as they come. You may have never known it, but actually, there are tons of people who are super attracted to Pete, and they’re not afraid who knows it. Want to see some of the filthiest tweets fans wrote to and about Pete Davidson? Trust us… you’re NOT ready.