9 Periwinkle Clothing Items You Totally Need to Wear This Fall

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With fall right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your new wardrobe. Gone will be the days of shorts and tank tops. Yep, it’s time for coats, jackets and the best year-round fashion. Fall is definitely every fashionista’s favorite time of year.

So, what trends are happening this season? Well, there’s a ton, as usual. Skinny-fitted pants are out; wide-leg is in. Yellow is super popular right now. The list of trends goes on and on, but, TBH, what we really care about is fashion, not trends. The difference is that trends come and go each season. But fashion has everything to do with personalized style and that’s what we absolutely love.

What colors should you wear this fall? Deeper tones are always a good autumn choice, but here’s a color you need to stock up on: periwinkle. Yes, you read that right: PERIWINKLE. Unlike other colors, periwinkle fits every season. If you don’t know how to rock this color quite yet, here are nine periwinkle clothing and accessories options that we recommend you buy ASAP: