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Check Out the FIRST Trailer for PLL Spin-off Series The Perfectionists!

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Freeform has officially picked up Pretty Little Liars spin-off The Perfectionists, and judging by the first teaser trailer, we can definitely see why!

So we already knew that Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish would be reprising their PLL characters, Alison and Mona, for the show, and fans will be thrilled to hear that the trailer shows a lot of them. In addition to seeing Alison and Mona reunite, the teaser also gives us our first glimpse at other cast members, including Sofia Carson, Kelly Rutherford, Sydney Park, Hayley Erin and Eli Brown.

The logline for The Perfectionists says the show is “set in the town of Beacon Heights, a seemingly perfect town where a group of three college friends struggles with the stress of being overachievers. In the aftermath of the town’s first murder, each Perfectionist hides behind a secret, a lie and an alibi.” Check out the full teaser below!

As you can see, the teaser first follows Alison as she makes her way to Oregon for a new job and tells her driver she “doesn’t know a soul” there, but that quickly changes when Mona shows up with a pie and an almost comically large knife.

The teaser then jumps into a vignette of scenes, showing various moments such as Sofia Carson’s character, Ava, crying, a dinner party that looks like it’s about to go very wrong, and Mona seeming to curiously spy on another guest on the mansion grounds. (We have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of spying going on in this show.)

At the end of the trailer, Ava’s voice is heard ominously saying, “Someone is about to snap and kill.”

And that line promises to be true, as we see police tape and Alison walking through what appears to be a crime scene. The last image of the trailer suggests that Alison and Mona are both going to be tangled up in whatever murder occurred in Beacon Heights, in a very big way.

Soooo… can it be 2019 already?