15 Perfect Quotes Found on Instagram You’ll Actually Relate To

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Instagram (@uninspirational)

Instagram (@uninspirational)

Everyone has that annoying friend who only posts inspirational quotes on their Instagram account. The quotes are always super vague and set against a colorful, serene background. #Basic. If you tend to be more of a negative person (like me), you find these posts unrealistic and a bit bossy. DON’T TELL ME TO HAVE A GOOD DAY! I’LL HAVE A GOOD DAY ONLY IF I WANT TO HAVE A GOOD DAY!

Enter: the Unspirational Instagram account. Created by Elan Gale (producer of The Bachelor) and Bill Dixon, this feed parodies those posts you love to hate. Made with girly fonts and cheery wallpapers, each picture is a work of art. They take common the most common sayings that girls like to use on social media and flip them around to be a bit more realistic. Plus, sometimes it just feels good to commiserate.

Here are some of the bests posts by the Instagram account Unspirational that include perfect quotes you’ll actually be able to relate to. Because we can’t all feel happy and positive every damn day.

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