EXCLUSIVE: See Annabeth and Tyson’s ‘Percy Jackson’ Sequel Posters!

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We're less than two months away from seeing Logan Lerman and co. light up the big screen once again for Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. But before the team heads out on its next adventure, we've got your exclusive first look at the character posters for Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario) and Tyson (Douglas Smith)!

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The daughter of Athena (Annabeth) and the son of Poseidon (Tyson) are both parts of the story where Cronos, God of War, is set to rise again as part of a prophecy referring to everyone's annihilation. The war god's set on seeking vengeance on Olympus and the human world after his three sons, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, destroyed him many years ago. The only thing that has the power to save them all: the Golden Fleece located in the Sea of Monsters. So you can only guess where Percy, Annabeth and the rest are headed…

Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters hits theaters on August 16, 2013. Are you a fan of the book series? Which character are you most excited to see on the big screen again (or for the first time)? Tell us in the comments!

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