EXCLUSIVE: ‘Percy Jackson’ Graphic Novel Reveal!

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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters is out right this second, guys. That means if you want to see your favorite characters from Rick Riordan's books, like Percy (Logan Lerman) and Annabeth (Alexandra Daddario), come to life again, you could head to theaters now! And if you think that's cool, wait 'til you see what other PJ treat we have in store for you…

Courtesy of our friends at FOX, we exclusively present to you the following Percy Jackson graphic novel, featuring some of the biggest moments from the second film in the franchise, including the rage of the Colchis Bull and the Sea of Monsters itself.

Fox 2000 Pictures

Fox 2000 PicturesFox 2000 PicturesFox 2000 Pictures

Fox 2000 Pictures

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