11 People Miley Cyrus Kissed on the Lips… But Didn’t Actually Date

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Miley Cyrus, like many young stars, has had her fair share of relationships. From Nick Jonas to Patrick Schwarzenegger to Liam Hemsworth, she’s pretty much crushed it in the dating game — we’re definitely jealous of her track record, TBH. But the 24-year-old has also performed some exciting (and unexpected!) steamy ~stunts~ with people she wasn’t romancing!

The “Malibu” crooner is a big supporter of #loveislove, and this translates into her own life sometimes. While some people might think making out with someone you know who you’re NOT dating is weird, MiCy basically thinks the opposite — she does it all the time like it’s NBD at all. Well, at least she did, ya know, before she and Liam got back together and proved that love is real.

Since Miley has addressed her pansexuality openly and in the public eye, it’s not really news, persay, that she has made out with girls, guys and other…ummmmm…things…in the past. But the list we’re about to show you has a couple of surprises on it, and we’ll give you a little hint — not everybody is 100 percent human.

If the former Hannah Montana star wants to kiss you, she’s gonna freakin’ kiss you! Take a look at the slideshow below, which showcases pictures from all the times the Disney Channel star has made out with someone she wasn’t in a relationship with, but didn’t care who saw.