Penn Badgley and Shiloh Fernandez Pose For A Good Cause (Awww!)

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We’re always up for supporting a good cause, but when it involves super hot guys like Penn Badgley and Shiloh Fernandez looking all handsome and brooding in front of the camera? Even better.

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As great as H&M’s Fashion Against AIDS line looks, the store should also consider selling poster-size print-outs of Penn and Shiloh. We’d buy them in a heartbeat.

Of the campaign, Penn said, “I think it’s good to keep young people, all people, aware about HIV. It’s something that’s it’s easy to forget about. It’s a serious issue and it affects so many people. It’s not just restricted to any community. The more awareness, the better and the safer we can all be. People need to be sensitive and safe, a lot of times it’s easy to let that go.”

He’s cute and sensitive! Sign us up.