Say What?! Penn Badgley Calls Blake “Unbelievable.” Do We Smell a Reconciliation?

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We’ve finally come to terms with the fact that Penn Badgley and Blake Lively have officially called it quits. Fine. But we just read this interview that Penn did with Just Jared Jr where he speaks so highly of Serena Blake that we’re going back to our stage of denying that this break up ever happened (again). He said the cutest, mushiest things about her shortly before their September split, there’s no WAY these two were headed for splitsville shortly afterward!

Click on to see what Penn said and tell us if you agree…

Penn told Jared:

“Blake’s doing unbelievable things in fashion and film. I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is in a really special position. I can see behind the scenes how she is making the most of it, and it’s really amazing to watch her because she’s such a strong woman.

Oh, go on:

“Women have a different path to cut out for themselves and they have different hurdles to leap and she’s doing it with such grace and such a wonderful way that it’s a really amazing thing to be a part of.

Aw! So cute/sad! Do you miss Penn and Blake as a couple? Tell us below!