OMG! Penn Badgley Bored of Gossip Girl “Routine!”

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Maybe “Lonely Boy” should be renamed “Bored Boy?” Penn Badgley, who plays Dan Humprey on Gossip Girl, told The New York Post that he’s growing a bit tired of the show that made him famous. Uh oh! Could Penn be leaving the Upper East Side? Read on to see what Penn had to see about the show that made him a household name!

“It is what it is. It’s the fourth season. It’s become routine.”

Ouch! Adding more fuel to the flame? When asked about co-stars — and on-again couple — Jessica Szhor and Ed Westwick, Penn didn’t exactly have the nicest of things to say:

“Good for them. We’re not friends. I mean, we just don’t double date.”

Are you getting bored of Gossip Girl like Penn is? Is Penn being too harsh on Jessica and Ed? Sound off below!