This Beauty Guru Penciled in Her Eyebrows… Literally, They’re Pencils

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We know we don’t have much time before the school year’s over, but just in case you’re feeling particularly studious in the months leading up to summer, we’ve got a new wacky eyebrow trend for you: pencil brows.

That’s right, ladies and gents! This new eyebrow trend was brought to our attention by beauty guru Huda Kattan, and it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like! This wacky brow trend involves transforming one of your eyebrows into the shape of a pencil, and while it’s definitely capturing our attention, we can’t help but wonder… what’s the point (no pun intended)?

In the photo Huda posted, she credited IG user @skyshighlight for the brows, and as bizarre as they may be, people in the comments are LOVING them! One person wrote, “Deffo need to try this soon,” with another person adding, “I find this so cute.” But, of course, while some people are here for ’em, others are not. One hater wrote, “I’m calling the police lol,” with another person writing, “these eyebrow trends need to chill.”

Whether you’re loving these wacky eyebrow trends or not, it’s pretty clear that they’re not going anywhere. We mean, just check out all of the other ladies rockin’ pencil brows already, thanks to @skyshighlight. They may be wild, but TBH, they’re very creative!

interviewer: so tell me about yourself me: i'd rather not i kinda need this job

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im so fucking tired of not being a multimillionaire

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I talk a lot of shit for someone who panics while ordering food at restaurants

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So, are you interested in trying out this trend for yourself? Perhaps you should send a message to @skyzhighlight! We’re sure they can pencil you in… get it?